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The Best Man

Two sold out showings during the Scene & Heard Festival for our one man comedy show.

14 March 2022


The Best Man is a dark comedy about Cathal, an eternally single man in his late 30’s who’s spent the last few years watching all his friends, and previous partners, settle down and get married. 

Now he finds himself giving a speech at the wedding of his last single friend John, the casanova of the group, the friend nobody thought would ever get married, yet here we are.

This is an immersive piece of theater, where the audience will be treated as the guests at the wedding, their live reactions will be improvised with, they will be active participants, unbeknownst to themselves. They will get to watch someone start on the back foot and continue in the wrong direction. We want to create the feeling that you are actually there seeing someone you know do this to themselves, a pure undenying act of self destruction. Creating an electric, visceral energy to the entire performance, where it’s in the audience's best interest to pay attention. 

Written by Mikey Fleming & Colman Hayes
Directed by Mikey Fleming
Performed by Colman Hayes
Produced by Joanne Heffernan

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